Dealing with household arrangements after losing your loved one can be a very difficult experience. William Todd & Co (2011) Ltd Auctions in conjunction with Todd & Co Realty are proud to offer an all-encompassing solution to ensure that this necessity is as stress free as possible for you and your family.

We can support you in taking care of arrangements such as:

  • Valuation and market appraisal of contents and property.
  • Option of Auction of contents not required by the family.
  • Home and section clearing and preparation for market options.
  • Sale of the property on behalf of the family, through various sale methods.
  • Not a one size fits all model, we tailor a mix of solutions to suit you and your family.

For more information or an obligation free appraisal contact Lindsay Francis on 027 976 0442 or send us an enquiry here.

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